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As the founder of the Ally Company, I feel very proud to introduce you to the “DoitEco” project, a very promising idea aiming to strengthen the link among fashion, entrepreneurship and society under an umbrella of sustainable and ethical living.

The idea behind “DoitEco” is to engage, among other fields, fashion in a current topic, which is not a trend! Above all, eco exists everywhere and what is easier and more direct than to look inside our wardrobes.

Nowadays, that economic crisis is in the spotlight, is the greatest moment to expose the innovative, talented and active profile of our country. We may have fewer monetary resources but we have plenty of natural and once we use them wisely we can thrive!

We have what need, imagination, creativity, passion and a kind of madness which can bolster our lives to go further.

Even with less, we can do more.

Welcome to the “DoitEco” project! Join our team and enjoy yourself, search for new ideas on how to encompass ecology in your daily life, learn about businesses' green practices and find out what is hiding in your wardrobe.

Ideas flourish in every climate, but Greece has one of the best!

Proud leader of the “DoitEco” team

Best Regards,

Nopi Romanidou

Nopi Romanidou

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